How eggs benefit hair?

Your hair is made of a complex protein called keratin and is vulnerable to damage. The time and money we may be investing in shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers, hair sprays, hair serums might not really be worth it when all of these may actually be the resulting in dull, damaged and brittle hair.

Give your hair a break from artificial products and find solace from mother nature’s finest product- Eggs!

Eggs are rich in proteins vitamins and fatty acids. They contain the most essential vitamin, Biotin or vitamin B7, deficiency of which causes hair loss and brittleness.

The egg white contains the most protein that rebuilds the damaged parts of hair while the egg yolk is rich in B complex (and lesser proteins) and folic acid providing for hair growth. Eggs also provide with  magnesium, potassium and sodium as well as vitamins like niacin, riboflavin.

You maybe eating eggs a lot but for hair care you may need a more direct approach like hair masks or packs.

Split ends

Protein in the eggs makes the hair follicle and the hair strand stronger by filling in damaged protein structures. Therefore you will have lesser breakage and fewer split ends. Applying raw egg to your hair makes it smoother and more resistant to breakage resulting in lesser knotting and tangling.

Dry Hair and Dullness

The all natural conditioner!

Egg conditions and moisturizes your hair making it smoother and adding luster and shine to it. Egg yolks are the best treatment for dry and dull hair as it is in rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. Washing your hair with egg will also maintain the hair’s natural oils which shampoos strip away.

Hair growth

Including eggs in your diet and applying it externally will make sure you get all the nutrition from it. Biotin or vitamin B7 stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair loss and brittleness. Niacin or vitamin B3 prevents hair thinning making it less susceptible to breakage.

Dandruff and Itchiness

Anti bacterial!

To ensure growth and nourishment of your hair, a healthy scalp is vital. Egg whites contain an enzyme called Lysozyme that attacks bacteria and other germs, keeping your scalp germ-free and fighting off existing infections such as dandruff. Adding neem oil to egg whites and applying on scalp is said to effectively reduce dandruff.

Oily Hair

Oily slick hair ruins everything especially if you wanted that perfect hairdo for your day out. Also when you are avoiding shampoos,  your hair might turn greasier than usual to makeup for pH imbalance.  Egg white controls sebum production from your scalp by tightening hair follicles, hence lowering sebum and removing excess oils. Adding lemon to this will not only decrease oily-ness but also remove the smell of egg that lingers onto hair.

Head Lice Infestation

Eggs along with lemon or vinegar when applied to hair and scalp and wrapped around tight is said to suffocate the lice. But it is important that this mask be applied for 6-7 hours as it is a slow process.

Hair Fall

If you suffer from hair fall your body might be trying to tell that  you need a healthy diet and lifestyle. Most common cause is a simple vitamin or mineral deficiency that weakens your hair to the extent of falling off.

Egg has tremendous nutrition. It will not only provide all essential nutrients when ingested but also nourish and revitalize the roots when applied raw.

Vitamin A promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. Vitamin K also aids in minimizing hair fall and hair greying. Biotin or vitamin B7, the key element for healthy hair, will strengthen your hair from breakage.


Here are some great egg masks for hair fall:

Olive oil and Egg

Mix 3 teaspoons of olive oil in egg and and apply on hair and scalp. Make sure you comb all your hair first so that it reaches every strand.

Yoghurt and Egg

In one egg add 2 full spoons of yoghurt and 2 teaspoons of honey. Mix well and apply for atleast one hour. Rinse with cold water.

Onion and Egg

Take 1 medium sized onion and grind it well. Extract its juice using a fine cloth or strainer. Mix one egg thoroughly with onion juice. Apply this pack on hair and scalp and leave it for 60 minutes. Rinse with cold water.


Always keep in mind the following when using egg masks:

  • These masks will work if applied twice a week.
  • Using 4-5 tsp of apple cider vinegar or some lemon juice in water will ward off the stingy smell.
  • Using hot oils along with these treatments will definitely improve their results.